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About MJ Snyder Electric

LED Lighting is finally affordable.

If eliminating costly maintenance, reducing your companies environmental footprint and saving tremendous money on your electric bill is on your radar then MJ Snyder Electric is here to help. Imagine your energy costs reduced by up to 80%.

  • * saves you significant energy costs *
  • * eliminate maintenance *
Essentially, you will not have to change your fixtures
for many years to come.

MJ Snyder Electric LED Retrofit Program will save you thousands of dollars per location. NO OUT OF POCKET COSTS!! We save our customers 1000's of dollars very year. In some cases we have saved our customers $100,000's of thousands of dollars. Let us show you our unique program.

  • * contribute to protection of our environment *
  • * improve your work environment *

Imagine your energy costs reduced by up to 80%.

A better lit environment

means your employees will feel better and productivity will be enhanced.

We will take care of the rebates from the State to augment the best solution for you. Let us give you a complimentary
free LED lighting analysis of your work space. We will provide you a customized estimate based
on your specific needs. We will also provide you with many satisfied references.